The name of this organization shall be The Rutherfordton Garden Club.


The objectives of this club are: To promote mutual helpfulness in flower culture and garden construction; to aid in extension of community improvements (especially the Norris Library); to help beautify parks and the highways; and to aid in the protection of forests, wildflowers and birds.


Section 1. The qualification for membership in this club shall be an active interest in gardening and club projects.

Section 2. Names of prospective members shall be submitted to the Secretary during the year. The names of these prospective members shall then be submitted to the club for approval at the March meeting and passed on by the club. New members shall be taken into the club only in May.


The officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Nominating Committee of (3) three or more members shall present the names of the officers to be elected at the March meeting and installed at the May meeting to assume office immediately. For continuity, officers shall be elected on a rotating basis (President, Secretary) (Vice-President, Treasurer) serving a 2-year time period.


The club shall meet on the second Monday of each month beginning with September through May. Other meetings may be called by the President to meet the needs of the club.


The dues of this organization shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) per year for Active members and twenty dollars ($20.00) per year for Inactive members. Dues are to be paid at the May meeting. Names of members who have not paid their dues before the yearbook goes to press will not be included in the yearbook.


Resignations must be in writing and be sent to the Secretary. She will present them at regular meetings.


An ACTIVE MEMBER shall perform such duties as are assigned to her to the best of her ability. She shall donate flowers to club projects. An ACTIVE MEMBER shall have no more than three unexcused absences or she will automatically be placed on the inactive list at the end of the year. An ACTIVE MEMBER shall hold office, serve on committees and take part in the programs. An ACTIVE MEMBER may be placed on the inactive roll by applying to the President and being voted inactive by the club.

An INACTIVE MEMBER may attend any monthly meeting of the club by notifying the hostess for that meeting. Dues for an INACTIVE MEMBER shall be twenty dollars ($20.00). INACTIVE MEMBERS are to be contacted at the end of the club year by the Treasurer. An INACTIVE MEMBER may return to active membership should she so desire, by written request.

An HONORARY MEMBER is one who has been an Active Member for a minimum of twenty (20) years. An Honorary Member shall have the following privileges:

1. No dues.

2. No duties.

3. Voting privileges.

4. Attendance at meetings as wished.

5. Notification of monthly meetings.

6. A calendar should be mailed to each honorary member notifying them of our meetings and dates.

Any member who is eligible may have her name placed on the list of HONORARY MEMBERS by contacting the Secretary before April of the club year.


The Chairman shall be in charge of all membership duties and conduct membership orientation in May.


Necessary committees will be appointed by officers to carry out beautification projects and fundraising for the club. Examples: wreath sale, library grounds, seasonal decorating of clubhouse interior, etc.


The officers will develop and print the annual information notebook for members and distribute them at the September meeting. (Old members will receive replacement sheets and new members will receive entire notebooks.) A copy of information notebook shall be retained each year.


This committee shall be in charge of the publicity for all club projects and maintaining the scrapbook on yearly events, guest speakers and other pertinent information.


There shall be a Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee during the summer when all other committees are assigned.


Officers will appoint hostesses for the monthly meetings from the Active Membership of the club. The monthly hostesses shall have charge of decorating and refreshments.


SECTION 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

SECTION 2. The President shall preside at all regular and other meetings of the Club. She shall appoint all necessary committees. She shall be the official representative of the club where needed. She shall serve on the Appearance Committee of the Town of Rutherfordton. She shall serve a term of at least two years.

SECTION 3. The Vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and assume responsibilities of the President when necessary. She shall serve a term of at least two years.

SECTION 4. The Secretary shall keep, in permanent form, the minutes of all meetings of the club. She shall keep an accurate, classified list of the membership of the club with addresses of each member. She shall take care of all correspondence. She shall serve a term of at least two years.

SECTION 5. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and pay all bills of the club. She shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and present a report at each club meeting. She shall serve a term of at least two years.

SECTION 6. All officers, upon retiring from office, shall deliver to the appropriate incoming officer, all money, accounts, record books, minutes or other property of the club. The terms served by each officer shall expire sequentially such that not more than two officers shall retire in the same year.

SECTION 7. The Rutherfordton Garden Club will not participate in any fund raising drives except those related to our stated projects. (See Article II of the Constitution).

SECTION 8. A yearly donation shall be made to the Norris Library.